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Stephen Minor's Recent Work

Stephen Minor, Tacoma, WA
Member Since January 2008
Artist Statement Hello, I am a successful print ad designer living in the Great Northwest. I spend the majority of my days crafting smart, relevant and witty ads for clients who advertise in many of the magazines in WA, OR, CA and CO. As I traverse the myriad of creative concepts that come up before me I often have to shelve some of the more "creative" directions for budget reasons. So, instead of allowing these ideas to simply hide away on my hard drive I offer them to you, refined, as a fine art piece to be enjoyed by your own creative self and shared with anyone who makes their way into your personal spaces where you hang art and thrive. I hope that you too will find a personal connection with these images as I have come to find during their creation.

I love designing the perfect print ad. Simple, witty and effective. The process take me through several stages. Stage one: Define or help define what the client needs to get across. Stage two: Explore the ideas that come to mind. What are our limits with the project? What may be too much of a risk to pursue? Stage three: Distill these ideas into working comps to be presented to the client. Stage four: Revise and Finalize. Often, during stage two, I will have these great ideas or illustrations that get sidelined because they are too risky or just not right for that project. Never the less though, it is still creative and sometimes pretty darn amazing (to me?). I filter through this creative recycle bin on a monthly basis and re-build these misfit pieces into, well...ART. Art to hang on a wall in YOUR space to share a part of you that is is best expressed by what is around you! Like the friends you surround ourselves with! Enjoy!
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