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Thomas Falkowski's Recent Work

Thomas Falkowski, Firestone Colorado
Member Since August 2009
Artist Statement One day, I found an article about a type of photography I had never heard of - High Dynamic Range (HDR). After reading the article and becoming intrigued, I began searching the internet to learn more about HDR. While researching, I found Trey Ratcliff's site, "Stuck In Customs". His photography inspired me to get out there and try it for myself. I have always enjoyed the outdoors - anything from hiking and biking to backpacking and canyoneering. Taking my camera along to capture the amazing scenery that my home state of Colorado has to offer seemed to be the natural next step for exploring my new-found hobby. I started taking my camera on hikes with my wife and 2 Golden Retrievers and later on began planning excursions that would take me to places I knew would offer me an outstanding opportunity for the "right" HDR conditions. Along the way I learned the ins and outs of my Canon Rebel XT, and what it could actually do in regards to HDR. I soon found that I wanted (read: needed) a new camera to start taking my photography to a different level. I purchased a Nikon D300, and am still learning everything it can do for me!

Along the way, I continued to follow Trey's blog and view his inspirational travel photography. I am an avid traveler, although I don't get to go nearly as many places as I would like. However, my camera became my constant companion on any trip I took. Looking for kitchy souvenirs always seemed rather pointless to me, and I knew that I would much rather have a beautiful photograph to remember that trip by than a t-shirt or coffee mug. So, my photography also started to take on the role of recording my trips for posterity! I love looking through the lens of my camera and seeing something new to me and capturing the most beautiful parts of that scene.

Taking pictures for my own personal enjoyment is fantastic, but I've also learned that I love to share my work and stories about my travels with others. Hence, www.terra-trekking.com was born! It's great to hear feedback from people viewing my work, even if a lot of it is from my mom (my biggest fan)! I plan to keep growing and learning with HDR, so keep checking back for new photographs, entertaining (I hope) stories and information about HDR!

Quintessential Profile:
Name: Thomas Falkowski
Home Base: Firestone, Colorado
Status: Married
Pets: Two dogs and a cat
"Real" job: Linux Systems Administrator or Computer Nerd as my wife prefers
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