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Tyler Minix's Recent Work

Tyler Minix, Senoia
Member Since October 2011
Artist Statement I am a southern artist. I believe that art is an outward interpretation of the inward self. I believe that art is a way to become closer with each other, to overcome petty differences that serve only to create hatred, bigotry, and anger towards each other. I believe that through art we as humanity can learn to trust each other. I feel very close to God through my art. The only way I feel closer to God is through Church, Bible reading, and prayer. I believe that through art I can plant seeds of hope, beauty, and trust. Trust is contrary to complication along with; love, joy, peace, patience, and most importantly God. God is not complicated nor is he the author of confusion. I believe that it is also against the nature of art to complicated and confusing. I believe that good art is simple and easily understood. We need more art like this in today’s fast-pace, modern world. Art should be simple, elegant, and beautiful. Good art will insinuate itself into ourselves without any effort on our part.
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