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Heather Crowther's Recent Work

Heather Crowther, Czech Republic
Member Since February 2011
Artist Statement Throughout my work I have been intrigued by the concept of transformation over time, more specifically from one medium or state to another. My Rust Drawings depict a fascination with turning something that is decaying and at the end of its life in the conventional sense into an everlasting piece of beauty. Traditionally rust has been considered a sign of destruction and corrosion. However I find it incredibly beautiful, signalling a transformation to a new level where life and growth continues through chemical processes that we, as humans, have little control over.

This sense of change permeates through other areas of my work, especially in relation to my UltraViolet paintings. Here minimalist form is manipulated through the application of light, while reflecting the true essence of Sacred Geometry elements found throughout our natural world. These works are multi-faceted in that they exist as one representation under ‘normal’ light, but when exposed to UV light (blacklight) or when in complete darkness, they undergo a metamorphosis where specific elements become highlighted whilst others fade away, signalling a change into something new and different. Each image thus consists of 2 or 3 different representations, all co-existing in the same artwork and only revealing themselves when different lighting conditions are applied.

It is this ability to see how facets can co-exist and operate on multiple dimensions, depending on what natural elements are applied (such as light or air) that I find incredibly intriguing and inspiring.
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