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Current Gallery: Windshield Photo Gallery ( piece)
This Windshield Photo Gallery is dedicated to what I call “Windshield Photography”. You might ask, “What is Windshield Photography? Simply it the act of taking photographs from the inside of your vehicle of images happening on the outside of your vehicle with the windshield or the vehicles windows being between your camera and the image being photographed. In my case I’m in the driver’s seat and driving down the road while capturing the photograph. NUMBER 1 RULE IS DON’T BE DRIVING WRECKLESSLY AND BE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR VEHICLE. I’m not looking thru the lens and with my Canon Rebel the monitor does not give me a preview. In this case I use that good old fashion “Kentucky Windage”. That is I have to use this PGS (point, guess and shoot) and hope for the best. These photos are the result of my endeavors into Windshield Photography.
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Windshield Photo Gallery
“Sun In The Eyes While Driving” by ExcaliburReb, 2002
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"Sun In The Eyes While Driving" (2002) by ExcaliburReb

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