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Creatively I am an artist by nature, by affiliation I am a Freemason. My interests in the fraternity are in the esoteric aspects of the work. From them, I have been reborn into a system filled with symbolic vision and layered allegory.
The name "Masonic Traveler" is a creative name, which stems from my digital journey in creating my modern view of Freemasonry. It is simply one mans journey through the ancient fraternity. It is not a vehicle of any lodge or Grand Lodge, nor does one influence it.
This artwork is dedicated to the further discovery of the Light within in Freemasonry. Its goal and purpose is to pursue a personal understanding of the divine in the context of the relativism of man and his nihilistic individuality. Each is my own personal translation to the allegorical degrees of Blue Lodge Freemasonry.
Freemasonry is a fraternal order, founded on a universal belief in the Divine, illustrated by certain landmark tenants and virtues, that teach symbolically a progressive system of discovery that leads ultimately to a personal degree of self improvement and an inclination towards the betterment of society.
For more information on the artist please visit: http://masonictraveler.blogspot.com
For more information on Freemasonry, please visit: http://www.freemasoninformation.com
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“First Degree Masonic Tracing Board” by Masonictraveler, 2006
from $ 14
“Second Degree Masonic Tracing Board” by Masonictraveler, 2007
from $ 14
“Third Degree Masonic Tracing Board” by Masonictraveler, 2008
from $ 14
“Virgin May of the pixels” by Masonictraveler, 2003
from $ 14
“V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” by Masonictraveler, 2007
from $ 14
“Masonic Presidents of America” by Masonictraveler, 2007
from $ 14
"V.I.T.R.I.O.L." (2007) by Masonictraveler

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