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(My paintngs are in Transparent Watercolor. The Original paintings of Costa Rican children are over 40" on the long side, I recommend printing at least 18X30 for best impact of the original work). The Ticos of Costa Rica are known for being a warm and friendly people, and their beautiful children exemplify this cultural trait with their huge smiles. One can not help but be impressed with the pleasantness and joy exuded by a people with such limited material wealth. My husband and I have now lived in Costa Rica for over 4 years, and our daughter, a dual citizen, was born here. The quality of life observed in rural areas of Costa Rica was in sharp contrast to the comforts of the United States, Canada and Europe when I first traveled to the Central American country over 14 years ago. I can happily share that the quality of life for many rural Costa Ricans has progressed a great deal in the past decade; in a large part to tourism. Infrastructure has improved greatly and most rural homes now do have electricity, a washing machine, small refrigerators and apartment size stoves. Tourism always has cons from development, but it has brought positive changes to coastal rural areas of Costa Rica by providing work opportunities for women, expanding the variety of jobs for men, improving highways for transport and work options, delivering city water and the opportunity of more consistent incomes. An emphasis on Eco-Tourism in Costa Rica has also helped maintain a focus on protecting the environment for animal and plant species. Our home evidences the success of environmental protections as just outside our windows; Howler monkeys nap and eat from our Guanacaste and maranon trees for months each year. As a resident and business owner in Costa Rica; it has been possible to observe first-hand the challenges of daily life that the Rural Ticos work through: the seasons of March, April and May bring beating sun and heat waves, January and February howling winds, September and October gift 24 hour rain storms and then dry season coats everything and everyone with dust. A majority of rural Ticos are dependent upon foot, bicycle, motorcycle, horse and limited bus transport; car ownership is generally limited to the middle and upper classes. For many rural Ticos, the bank, government offices, high schools and health care are an hour or more away; making every-day life no easy feat with the transport and frequent weather challenges. Seeing the Tico's perseverance, patience, ingenious use of materials and hearing their generally optimistic outlooks is bountiful reason to appreciate the profound beauty of their children's smiles. Even the "grown-ups" still offer a warm wave to strangers passing through small towns, and will often kindly stop for a photo as they guide their boyero (horse drawn cart), rock on the porch, hang clothes on the line, or herd cattle to the next grazing field. The proceeds of my watercolor prints sold in Costa Rican shops now go 100% to art and educational supplies for local children, and a minimum of 10% of profits from imagekind sales will also be donated to local childrens needs. Thank you for helping my art to "give back". I have just resumed painting again after taking a "Mommy break", and more Howler Monkey and rural Guanacaste lifescapes will be coming soon!
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“Future Cowboy at Esterillos Beach, Costa Rica” by SunshineONealQualls
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"Costa Rica Howler Monkey Peek-A-Boo" by SunshineONealQualls

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