Current Gallery: kerrickters ( piece)
This gallery is a delightful mix of typography, ephemera and other colorful collage elements used as a background for a 'kerrickter'. The original pieces are multidimensional and under each layer are scriptures, imagery and icons, both painted and 'found', all put together to tell stories of inspiration, God's plans for man, and the value of each person on earth.
"Sunglasses-6x12_600"  by christinekerrick7
  • Cog-nitive Girl-600 Cog-nitive Girl-600
from $ 15
  • Sunglasses-6x12_600 Sunglasses-6x12_600
from $ 15
  • A Long Time Ago A Long Time Ago
from $ 35
  • Treasure Treasure
from $ 15
  • The Next Gift The Next Gift
from $ 15

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