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'The Declaration of Independence', the 'Bill of Rights', and 'The Constitution': three documents that took the scattered British Colonies of the New World, collectively called 'America'; and united them from disconnected, regional and independent colonies of self-interest as the 'United States of America', for which the colonist fought, and died, for their freedom from singular British rule. Accidentally named after 'Amerigo' Vespucci, because of his exploration and his theory after the arrival of Christopher Columbus on San Salvador on 12 October, 1492 (21 October, in the Gregorian Calendar New Style) in the Caribbean, Vespucci's deduction in 1502 that the initial discovery by Columbus of the 'West Indies' was just a hint of the huge landmass still left unexplored; and thereafter called 'The New World'. Now, after almost two and a half Centuries, it is time for a face-life and re-examination of these critical documents that unite us all as Americans; and a inspiration for many other nations to reproduce, augment to their own circumstances, and embrace the freedom that they communicate and represent.
"Declaration of Independance (Enhanced Copy, 2018)"  by davecatts
  • Declaration of Independance (Enhanced Copy, 2018) Declaration of Independance (Enhanced Copy, 2018)
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  • Bill of Rights (1789) with Articles 1-12 Bill of Rights (1789) with Articles 1-12
from $ 12

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