Current Gallery: cityscapes ( piece)
Artist Statement: The wall art prints in the Cityscapes Gallery are a compilation of pieces I did centered around city skylines and urban high-rises. The look is unique as I used a variety of watercolor and oil painting techniques, as well as straight black & white and color photography prints. The different techniques create totally different visual experiences for a variety of interior designs. Many of the styles can be used in different decor depending on the way the art print is matted and framed. The final presentation can make a world of difference allowing the print to either stand out as a focal point or blend in with the rest of the room as a complimentary addition to the overall look. My approach to the prints in this gallery was to present city skylines and urban high-rises in different elements. Some of the prints are very precise and linear in their presentation, other prints are abstract and suggestive in the elements they capture. I focused around two specific cities for this collection, San Diego and Seattle. Both cities are younger and newer in their skylines and offer a wide gambit of urban architecture to choose from.
"Abstract Towers"  (2011) by Kirtdtisdale
  • The Soaring Building In Watercolor The Soaring Building In Watercolor
from $ 18
  • Abstract Towers Abstract Towers
from $ 18

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