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My pictures are a window onto the natural world that lives and breathes all around us. I hope to show viewers some of the beauty and complexity of life right in their own yard. Herein reside a mix of animals and bugs, along with abstracts and fishing lures and few hard to categorize items. I only get to sort images into 3 galleries, so we have some strange bedfellows.
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Fine Art
“Lamplight” by MotherNature1
from $ 17
“Serenity” by MotherNature1, 2015
from $ 17
“Pileated Woodpecker Female - Dryocopus pileatus” by MotherNature1, 2014
from $ 17
“Hummingbird in Black and White” by MotherNature1, 2014
from $ 17
“Red-bellied Woodpecker - Melanerpes carolinus” by MotherNature1, 2015
from $ 17
"Red-bellied Woodpecker - Melanerpes carolinus" (2015) by MotherNature1

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