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I love and so look for structures with character. Structures don't necessarily have character at the artist's concept or even when built. They have style and form in their begining. But character comes with time. It comes through surviving use and in many cases abuse. Not only from the people it was designed to serve but nature as well. From the time the construction foreman says "We're done" and hands over the keys, a structure is under attack. Every form of attack leaves its signature on the structure, adding a new piece to the structure's story and of course, character. The architects and builders put all their knowledge and skill into creating a structure that would stand for ages. But the structure is created from materials collected from nature and nature wants them back. Structures with character display the scars of this epic battle of resisting a return to the raw materials it came from. I see this as a reflection of our own resistance to returning to what we were. In our mind we've come so far, we've learned so much there's no reason to go back. But, in the end, our bodies, wearing the proof of all our battles, all of our character, release our souls and like the structures we've created, return to nature. It's not pointless, I see beauty in the struggle. Our structures are a record of our own progress; caves, mud huts, stick huts, stone huts, to using every material we can dig up and modify. We study the story of past structures with the hopes of learning how to make one last longer. In the same token we read the stories of those with the greatest character before us in hopes of learning how to be the best we can be. In the end, each of our creations should be an improvement on previous creations, whether it be our structures or peoples.

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"Optical Perspective"  (2008) by OcularPerceptions
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