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Current Gallery: elephantsinfuninterestinganthropomorphicpictures ( piece)
This gallery features the photographs that I have created using elephants as my primary inspiration. Some of these digitally manipulated photos are made from twenty or more different photos carefully merged together to make an elephant look natural in an unnatural position.
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“Photo of Asian elephant catching air, skateboard” by StephanieDRoeser, 2010
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“Elephant Parody of the Birth of Venus” by StephanieDRoeser, 2013
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“African elephant barges into room” by StephanieDRoeser, 2009
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“Elephant Behind The Curtain” by StephanieDRoeser, 2009
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“African elephant standing in yoga tree pose” by StephanieDRoeser, 2009
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"Elephant Behind The Curtain" (2009) by StephanieDRoeser

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