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Designs And Images, Caney Mountain
Member Since February 2009
Artist Statement I hope you enjoy our photos of these remarkable Wild Horses. Our passion for horses are trulely inspired everyday as a result of these magnificant Animals. The horses that we photograph are Wild Spanish Mustangs and Wild Choctaw Indian Ponies. Alot of them have been DNA tested and have bloodlines that link their heritage back to the original Spanish Mustang horses brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1600's. If you have ever seen the movie Hidalgo, which goes back to the life of Frank T. Hopkins, these are the horses that they are refering to in the end of the movie that are on Blackjack Mountain. The Forestry land that these horses were running free on Blackjack Mountain, for all those years, has been shut off in the court systems by the lumber companies. The result was as many of these horses as possible were relocated or the forestry department had the right to dispose of them as they seen fit. Our photos are the horses that were moved up onto Caney Mountain, which is right next to Blackjack Mountain.

Some of the horses in our photos have the GJ brand on them. These are the original horses that came directly from Gilbert Jones's ranch up on Blackjack Mountain. He dedicated his life to preserving the bloodline of these descendants of the Spanish Mustangs and Original Choctaw Indian Ponies. The bloodlines of the Choctaw Indian Ponies go back to some of the original horses that came to this part of the country on 'The Trail of Tears'. Caney Mountain is in the heart of the Choctaw Nation. This is Gilbert Jones's legacy that still lives on today.

The land they were moved to backs up to our ranch and we try to suppliment what they eat when we can afford it. These photos are our effort to help raise public awareness of these beautiful horses and to help in providing for them.
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