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Svetlana Bellon De Light's Recent Work

Svetlana Bellon De Light, Paris
Member Since August 2011
Artist Statement I am delighted that after admiring my art, you’ve decided to click that extra button that leads you to discover something about me.

It will be logical that I should write this short introduction about myself, but I have been advised that it’s better if somebody else talk about me, therefore I am letting that “somebody” do it.

Svetlana Bellon was born a while ago, without having de Light as an extension to her name. This was added recently, to make life easer for people who had difficulty pronouncing it. They’ve called her Lana which was not to her liking and she decided to simply move to the City of Light (Paris) and translate her original name Svetlana to Light.

She started painting very young, being influenced by her mother, who was also a painter. Art was always a part of her life, and as well as painting, she has made tapestries, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, clothing and some funky mosaics, that ended up covering an entire bathroom.

She has travelled extensively, showing her art in four continents, and selling to a wide range of collectors, included the guy who fixed her air conditioner, thus recouping the repair cost!

Svetlana paints in many styles, from traditional landscapes, to more complex impressionist abstracts. Her paintings are vibrant, bright and intense, expressing a sense of movement, excitement and change.

She claims that she paints in explosive bursts separated by long spells of inactivity, during which her husband and son occupy most of her time.

Photography has always been a part of her adventurous travels and her camera captured every exciting moment along the way. She hopes that those moments will be shared by many of you who decide to have them in your homes, offices and in any usual and unusual places, as well as ignite you to travel more.
The other part of her photography is a recent discovery of Photoshop possibilities to transform her photographs to look like paintings that provoke and start a conversation.

If you still wonder who is Svetlana, you can see some more of her art, as well as read more about her on www.bellongallery.com . You can also guess her age by looking at her childhood black and white photos.

She hopes that this short bio had satisfied your curiosity and will make you want a piece of Svetlana Bellon de Light’s Art.
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