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Adam Campbell's Recent Work

Adam Campbell, Boston
Member Since October 2013
Artist Statement Adam Campbell is a Boston based artist who is a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston (now Lesley University School of Art and Design) where he received a BFA with a focus in painting. His work is primarily driven by people, regardless if they are publicly recognized or if they are everyday people he has encountered in one way or another. When creating his art, Adam tries to find something unique about the person, whether it be something they do, how they act and behave, where they’re from or how they look and feel. When searching out these qualities, he translates these findings into his art, showing these people from a whole new perspective.

In todays society, it seems, people have impressions and make judgments toward each other and their surroundings in milliseconds. Everything seems to be a knee jerk reaction towards pretty much everything, swipe left “good” swipe right “bad” and once a decision is made that’s final the final judgement regardless of how much sense it actually makes. Little is absorbed and even less is understood, it’s up and on to the next thing. In his work, Adam is attempting to slow down these reactions and get his audience more fully emerged into his subjects and see and feel something beyond what is on the surface. By doing this, he is bringing the viewer deeper into not only who these people are but who we are as individuals and as a society.
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