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Lee Malzard's Recent Work

Lee Malzard, christchurch
Member Since June 2007
Artist Statement Hello, my name is Lee Malzard. I am a digital photographer and artist. I’m not the best at writhing about myself, but here goes…

My style of photography is an extremely varied one; I can’t stick to just one subject! I need to photograph and document my memories constantly. And that is what drives my passion for photography. I love the fact I can show the world what I have seen and how I have seen it, from my point of view.

Points of view… My favorite kind photography is the kind that when you see a subject in an entirely new light, such as macros of flower’s, insects and objects to an extreme angle of a tall building. All the things we see in our regular everyday live but would not normally give a second thought too. This is the kid of photography I try to capture.

My tools and photographic equipment (Although special to me) is nothing special! My main and best camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ10, a 4MP machine with a beautiful stabilized Leica lens. This is my oldest and most faithful camera. I sometime use a polarizing filter with this camera to achieve the wonderful deep colors in my photographs.

I may also use 1 of 2 smaller point and shoot camera’s as well, My simplest camera; a Sony 6mp S600. This camera has incredible image quality for its class but lacks user control and overrides. My last camera is my Samsung S800; this is my 8mp stock photography camera. I use this camera for some fine art photos but mostly its purpose is for taking stock photography for my website www.staticstock.com.

I am also a digital artist. I create digital collages from my own photography, using image editing and 3D art packages. I hope to be able to display my art here in the near future :)

Well that’s me, I hope you enjoy your look through my gallery; and I look forward to bringing you more digital photography and art to view very soon.

Thank you, Lee
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