Current Gallery: figurative ( piece)
My paintings begin in a state of anarchy: scraps of canvas stitched and sewn. Raw, reckless and messy, layer upon layer of colors appear through drips, splatters, big brushes, hands and fingers. As the background transforms, I leave it loose to contrast the chunky realism in the foreground. I then focus on figure and form. This ritual evolution creates rich, deep texture beneath heightened reality. Myth, dreams, and the female form are common themes, all three attempting to deal with the evolution of sexuality, power, demonization, oppression, liberation and redefinition. I have found this kind of self portraiture, this process, to be a cathartic experience, leaving me with a deeper connection to myself, as well as to the experience of "woman". All works by Opie Snow Heyerman can be printed and custom framed on-demand.
"Boxed ~ Heart"  by OpieSnowPrints
Boxed ~ Heart
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