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Current Gallery: joints ( piece)
diner, roadside shack, coffee shop, greasy spoon, dive, whatever you call it, it is just a joint...a place for good food for a good price...where the company is as colorful as the menu...this is the soul of our american heritage, it is what fed the generation that survived the great can take your waxed paper fast food in a bag, I'll take mine on a porcelain plate, served without flare, by a weather worn waitress with an attitude, every time...
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“ketchup at rest” by studiobrian, 2003
from $ 19
“have a seat” by studiobrian, 2003
from $ 19
“superdawg” by studiobrian, 2005
from $ 19
“please pass the jelly” by studiobrian, 2003
from $ 19
“dawg house” by studiobrian, 2003
from $ 19
“muskie's char-broiled hamburgers” by studiobrian, 2004
from $ 19
“taste of superdawg” by studiobrian, 2003
from $ 19
"ketchup at rest" (2003) by studiobrian

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